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Diameter of 50 MM Round clock movements

Diameter of 50 MM Round alarm clock movements

Product size: Phi 50*8mm

Small alarm clock quartz movement is a second movement, the life of 6 to 8 years, all through the CE certification of ROHS

The crystal oscillator frequency: 32.768KHz

The average daily error: + 2sec/day at 1.5V, 23 C

Working voltage: DC1.3v to 1.7V

Working temperature: -10 degrees to 50 C

Net weight: 11g

Battery / life: LR44/1Years

The average power consumption current: at 1.5V = 25uA

The alarm volume: Over 70dB at 1.5V, 10cm distance

The alarm accuracy: + 5 Minutes

Packaging materials: 500pcs, 6.5kg, 0.043m fand /carton
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