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The big pendulum clock movement


The big pendulum clock movement, Is a large pendulum force Swing device and a quartz clock movement combination, Its force can swing over 50 g And the length of 60 mm hang widgets。
Quartz clock movement using a second grade movement, six to eight years of life, all through the CE, ROHS certification qualified. Movement: crystal vibration frequency of 32.768 KHz daily average difference: 1.5 v + 1 second/day, 24 ℃
movement Torsion the minute hand is suitable for use in the 220 mm long clock needle around for the best.
Quartz clock movement
The shaft length: 20 mm
Machine core specification: 56 * 56* 16.5 mm
Movement weight: approximate 24 g/PCS
Packing quantity: 400 PCS/box
Packing gauge: 40 * 36 * 38.5 CM

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