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Our company will organize all staff to travel.In this way,the friendship between the groups will be promoted and the company will be more cohesive.
Our company always maintains the sincere emotion of yearning for beauty, respects the individual,respect partners and the goal of sustainable and healthy development.The company is making great strides towards its grand vision of being a better company.
In2014,in order to thank all the members for their contributions and improve the cohesion of the company, our company organized all the members to go to Shenzhen Happy Valley for group building activities.
In 2016, our company organized all the members to go to Zhuhai  for group building activities. This is in order to thank all the colleagues of the company for their unremitting efforts and selfless dedication to the development of the company and promote staff exchanges, strengthen the seamless connect between the team,enhance friendship ,carry forward the company’s corporate culture, enrich the cultural life of employees and broaden their horizons.
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