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Quartz Wall Clock Movements HR1688

Quartz Wall clock movement axial length 15 mm

Clock movement modle:HR1688S-15

Movement Size:56*56*16.2mm

Movement of weight:23g


Carton size:40*36*38.5cm

Quartz Wall Movement life:6-8 yearsCertificate:CE ROHS

Crystal frequency: 32.768 KHz,Average time keeping :±1sec/ day at 1.5V,24℃

Quartz Wall clock movement Suitable clock hand length:230mm

Quartz Wall MovementNPower supply: 1.5 v

Power models: AA / 1

Battery life:approx 1 year

Quartz Wall clock movement Shaft length:7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm/13mm/15mm/17mm/20mm/23mm Factory can produce。
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