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HD1688-17 Radio clock movement WWVB edition

HD1688-17 WWVB

HD1688-17 WWVB

Radio clock movement WWVB edition Adopt ABS system of environmental protection material made by CE, ROHS quality certification qualification, Radio clock movement Using the motor rystal frequency: 32.768 KHz Average time keeping :±1sec/ day at 1.5V,24℃

Radio clock movement WWVB edition Technical parameter explanation

name Radio clock movement
model number HD1688-WWVB
size 56*67*19mm
axial length 17MM
Receiving frequency 60.003KHz 40.033KHz
Battery size LR6/AA
Battery life one year
Operating voltage 1.3~1.7V
Quartz accuracy ±1s/d
Operating temperature 0℃~55℃
Storage temqerature -20℃~70℃
Current consumption normal 180uA 
Receiving time 4~12min
Receiving current ≤100uA
Setting time after reception max. 4min
Antenna Ferrite core internal
Reception 8x/day
Peak current ≤7mA
Sensitivity ≤100uV/m
Second torque(1.5V) Over Than150uNm
Nights stop second 22:00--6:00

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