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The development orientation of hengrong clock
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Hengrong clock company, located in the Dongguan City,Gunagdong, specializing in the production mix clock,parts & accessories clocks, quartz movement, clock head, clock needles etc since 1999.
Due to the large market demand of Clock parts in 2002, Hengrong ccompany  finished wall clock in-depth research and development and product various accessories wall clock plastic cover, metal bell frame and a variety of creative wall clock bell seat. After so many years  development and innovation .DIY wall clock has developed a variety of accessories, at the same time, Hengrong clock by the users alike.
Quartz clock heads is most popular decorative products in the crafts, gifts, decorations and other industries clocks has a high representative in the hearts of the Chinese people and is a historical Chinese culture. Hengrong clocks  is the  large enough manufacturers in Quartz clock heads industry, Here are many clocks which have more than 100 quartz clock head with variety of sizes and shapes, such as quartz alarm clock heads,  plastic quartz head, quartz metal head, antique quartz head, crafts quartz top. quartz head to the craft, gift industry and selling products into the artistic elements, so Heng Rong clock have long-term cooperation and high trust with the client..

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