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Sweep clock movement how should we choose
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Sweep clock movement is also called the scanning movement, Sweep clock movement of the second hand is go straight on.When it comes to Sweep clock movement core product type, we need also subdivided according to good quality mute stopwatch and poor quality of mute, difference is very great to use it.Ordinary scanning machine core, the quality is poor, although say when you go without the ticking sound, but movement due to the internal circuit, using the quality of the original production environment is clean, Sweep clock movement in the process of the functioning of the work produces the sound of the continuous rotation, disadvantages: not mute, large power consumption (1 battery 2-3 months will need to be replaced).In addition, the domestic high-quality mute machine core, the quality is relatively good, coil is enough big, and the movement appearance material is good, strong, durable and pressure but high-quality mute movement price relatively more expensive than ordinary quiet movement points.

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