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pendulum clock movement

pendulum clock movement

HR1668SP-17 pendulum clock movement


HR1668SP-17 pendulum clock movement

Pendulum Clock Movement details

*Quartz Crystal Frequency:32.768KHZ.

*Operating Voltage Range:1.3V to 1.7V DC

*Operating Temperature range:-10°C to 50°C

*Operating Current Consumption:125uA±10uA

*Time Accuracy(standard deviation):±30 second/month

*Daylight Saving Time AUTO setting

*Battery:LR6/AA,1.5V X1PC(Excluded)

Shaft length of the clock movement
HR1688-7 shaft length 7mm
HR1688-8 shaft length 8mm
HR1688-9 shaft length 9mm
above without thread
HR1688-11 shaft length 11mm,with thread 3.2mm
HR1688-13 shaft length 13mm,with thread 5.2mm
HR1688-15 shaft length 15mm,with thread 6.7mm
HR1688-17 shaft length 17mm,with thread 8.7mm
HR1688-20 shaft length 20mm,with thread 11.7mm
HR1688-23 shaft length 23mm,with thread 15.4mm

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