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Gold Frame Silver Bottom Black Roman Aluminum Clock Face Black Solid Wood Alarm Clock

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Gold Frame Silver Bottom  Black Roman Aluminum Clock Face Black Solid Wood Alarm Clock
Description of solid wood alarm clock:
Have you forgotten what the original alarm clock looked like when you use your phone to watch time every day?
When you worry about the radiation caused by placing your mobile phone on the bedside, can you think of the "alarm clock" just for timing and gently reminding you to get up?
1. Elaborate solid wood, beautiful and exquisite appearance, natural wood grain clear;
2.The shell is solid, no deformation, no cracking, and strong environmental adaptability:
3. Applicable occasions: office meeting room, hotel, home decoration, etc.
4. Use the exclusive alarm clock to reduce the frequency of using your mobile phone, take care of your eyes and also create a healthy life without radiation for you.
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