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Several Common Causes and Solutions of Time Error of Watch
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Mechanical watch adjustment principle of time
Let stand for a long period of time, mechanical watch spring nature relaxing to watch, stillness at this time, if you want to wear, you must first to wind, then the calibration time, general mechanical watches in the spring the pine, hour hand, minute hand will appear the phenomenon of slow or fast, therefore, should first wind, lest after calibration of time, there is no standard power driven pointer, even tempered in the automatic watch, also should use manual first tried to eight full, and then to time calibration. Wrist watch move error suddenly get bigger, and watch the wearer frequently encountered problems, encountered this kind of problem don't panic, there are several simple reason recognition and processing methods to share with you.

1. The battery is low: if quartz watch, walking slowly, suddenly found that is likely to be caused by a lack of battery power, you can send a watch to special maintenance station detection power.
Power reserve: 2. You need to check whether the power is enough, automatic chain watch if small amount of exercise can also cause power reserve is insufficient, can supplement by means of manual chain on the power, and then see if continue to have a fast phenomenon.

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