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HR1688 quartz clock movement diagram
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HR1688 quartz clock movement is produced by constant rong horological manufacturer is a high quality quartz movement, performance and quality in the domestic high cost performance of a quartz clock movement.So, high quality quartz clock movement is to choose what kind of material production and manufacturing! Below small make up open movement, let everyone look at a map decomposition HR1688 quartz clock movement.

Heng rong horological HR1688 quartz clock movement parts are all made of plastic material (ABS) plastic materials, environmental protection movement internal gear set through the design of thickening, ABS plastic material to produce gear smooth wear-resisting durable, effectively reduce the movement operation noise.And quartz clock movement chose quartz second grade crystal oscillator as more accurate, large electronic parts used the copper coils has clock movement longer service life as high as 6 to 8 years, low power consumption is more save electricity section 1 batteries used 1 year.

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