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How to choose a good wall clock movement?
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Small make up teach you today on the Internet for wall clock or wall clock movement, how to choose a good wall clock movement.Said a friend to buy things on the Internet is not reliable, real can't see the scratching, uncertainty, these are just the wall clock movement did not understand friends say so.Whether jump seconds stopwatch or scan mute, you as long as through the following several methods to choose to buy cheap and good quality wall clock movement, and you are professional than some of the shops.

Choose wall clock movement first watch machine core plastic shell material is colloid is very good, the color of deep black not white, it is not a second back to material production, is to use ABS plastic material environmental protection, anti-aging, etc.Then depends on the related parameters in the movement, the movement crystal frequency: 32.768 KHz daily average poor: at1.5 v + 1 second/day, 24 ℃, in the industry as a second level movement, high accuracy as well.Another movement within the golden coil must be big, the bigger the better, the
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