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Do you know quartz clock movement difference there
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Quartz clock movement to choose good and not expensive
Today to talk about "quartz clock movement difference there" do you really know?For some little contact with quartz clock movement friend doesn't know it is not surprising that, because the current market sales of quartz clock movement has a lot of brand or material, so all kinds of different prices on the price.A friend said: "better quality quartz clock movement, it is ok to buy the most expensive".It also has his reason, called a penny a points goods, but this is your pricing?Is this material good work of your hand or by the seller to turn thousands of expensive? I don't know! So understand product quality, will buy good quality price ratio of high quartz clock movement.

Quartz clock movement, a difference between
For sale on the market at present, there are many brands of cassette mechanism of quartz clock or material brand of Taiwan sun, NSK, heng rong HR1688, rhythm and so on, but the brand this thing can not beef, material or teach you know!The quartz clock movement ABS material manufacturers use environmental protection and HIPS to benzene, two kinds of plastic material, the difference will be directly related to the service life of quartz clock movement.Because using ABS plastic material made of simple sense is good, environmental protection pressure after the fall, with the hand hard pinch will not bad, and the use of HIPS to benzene plastic material are not subject to such benefits of production, quality is poor, the pressure resistance is weak, let alone with his hand pinched it slightly hard, when installing the second hand movement back cover will be poked through second shaft.And than Sweep clock movements in two different material to produce, walking mute movement mute degrees are distinct. Share this one here, you can know more about and carefully off!!!!

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