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Mature quartz movement, and now has entered the application of radio clocks and watches
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Radio watch time technology development in human history, following the hourglass, sundial, mechanical clocks, quartz table after the fifth generation of the timer. Clock radio technologies and products for the history of the emergence of another revolution in human time.
Clock radio clocks traditional techniques and modern time-frequency technology, microelectronic technology, communications technology, computer technology and many other technology are combined through the National Time Service Center in order to receive long-wave radio transmission standard time signal, through the built-in microprocessor decode After the automatic calibration timer to go when the clock shows the time to make waves with the national standards maintained by automatically maintain accurate time synchronization.
National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Gao Hua Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., to develop low-frequency radio waves in a time when the yards of new technologies, is committed to promoting China's Radio Controlled Clock Technology Development, launched with China's independent intellectual property rights of radio clocks and watches, making China the world, following Germany, the United States, Britain, Japan, after the fifth in a time to achieve long-wave technology for civilian-oriented country.
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