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Quartz export sales account for about a whole Bacheng
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Yiwu City Watch Industry Association LUO Hua-wen introduction, Yiwu watch industry, the current production, assembling more than 100 processing enterprises, operating more than 480 households, employing nearly 20000 people, 80% of export products.
       At present, according to well-known brands such as Poland, COMPAS, the North Star, Uranus has a general distribution in Yiwu Deng Jun and the distributor, the products involved in craft clock, electronic watches, toys, clock, alarm clock, wall clock, floor clock, quartz clock, quartz clock machine core, watch accessories, and so on several major categories. Compared to other products, quartz production, sales of the current advantages in the industry, the National quartz movement required for the production of about 60% of enterprises from Yiwu.

        LUO Hua-wen said that, compared to electronic watches and quartz watches, quartz watches, and accessories required for the movement and the relatively low-tech, easy to Yiwu companies quickly launched and put into production, coupled with exceptional market circulation Yiwu market advantages, quartz become watch industry, the largest of the main export product.

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