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Shift the focus of the new national standard quartz Trade
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"Analog quartz" has been listed as 2005 amendments to the national standard system. Recently the Clocks and watches manufacturers, industry regulators and other parties on the revised criteria put forward their own views and to be unified: the national standard will shift focus from direct production to trade.
According to reports, the standard will highlight the role of trade and the parties in the use of consensus standards in order to better adapt to serve the needs of trade and regulate the market, on this basis should also be taken into account in international trade, using a standard form technical barriers to trade in order to protect the interests of the domestic watch industry. In addition, emphasizing both the production, operation, the user interests of all parties, so that standards can play a standard production, to facilitate arbitration, to guide consumption.

It is understood that the standard revision based on forward-looking and practical, as far as possible to improve the standard coverage, taking into account the quartz industry, high yield varieties, full-featured rapid development, product grades are different varieties continuously developing new features , the revision process will be as much as possible of different varieties and different grades of products are included. In addition, the new national standard will be adopted and refer to the foreign advanced standards, the original standard, not quite rational, no longer suited to today's market demand and unnecessary to amend the contents of the existence and improve the content of uncertainty, increasing and technology, market development closely relevant content, increasing the standard of flexibility. As environmental protection and personal safety issues related to the products of export trade, so quartz production process and raw materials, spare parts and other environmental issues will be provided for.

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