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To improve the competitiveness of products of domestic clocks and watches
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2019-09-26 | 595 Views | Share:
          Watch the positioning of China in the future should be: watch = cultural products. When companies do cultural products, as long as to seize the
China's mainstream culture, so long as to seize the cultural characteristics can be bigger.
            Introduced into the spring, the Swiss watches were born in a small town, after a hundred years heritage, history and culture sediment is very
Deep. Swiss watch is a kind of interpretation of the royal family culture, aristocratic culture. China watches can interpret what is culture? This
There are various equation: = luxury watches, clocks and watches = high-tech, watches and clocks = emotion goods, watches and clocks = jewelry, clocks and watches = watches.
Yet an examination of the historical development of the world watches, clocks and watches made if only to luxury goods, high-tech, emotional goods, ornaments
Goods, watches and clocks, it will not work.
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