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Enterprise management mode
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Since Decemenber 1999 when Hengrong was eatablished,we have been working steadily. Everyone has his principles  the enterprises have principles too, the company needs to develop , great company is ultimately have a good system. We management mode to eliminate systematic passing affection, family firms are not talking about the place. We do not raise an idler, leaving a lazy, not a mediocre, do not lose a genius, to Germany first, to be able to weight. moral is the foundation, could be required, only moral reuse, not only virtuous retained, refused to use talent without virtue, no virtue without it abandoned.We sticking to the operating style of “sound development and self-accumulation”.We have integrated the ancient art and modern production technology,with the corporate culture of “Involve everyone,solidarity progress,pragmatism and innovation,sincere cooperation” to guide the development of our enterprise. Our development philosophy is "there is no best, only better; a little bit of progress every day." Our company attaches great importance to education, develops a set of rules and regulations of education, trains the employees regularly to enhance the quality of staff and their technical capacity. Our company regularly summaries experience and solves problems in order to set the self-cultivation concept of every staff.Heng-rong will increase scientific and technological level, developing better products for the industry.
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