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Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift Clock
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Tick-tock, tick-tock, a clock sounds like a heartbeat, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s one of the reasons that so many people enjoy collecting clocks, showcasing them at home, or buying them as presents for others. If you’re not a devoted fan of clocks, you may wonder what all the excitement is about. After all, a clock just tells time, right? Everyone has the same amount of time to spend, just 24 hours a day. Yet, for some, time is the essence of all things. An extra minute here or there can make life a little more enjoyable. That’s why some people really prize their clocks and make efforts to stay aware of time all around them.
To buy a clock as a gift, you will first want to be sure the recipient likes clocks and will have a place for the one you have in mind. No matter how attractive or reliable the timepiece may be, the receiver may not appreciate having it unless a clock is on his or her gift list. Assuming that a clock is at least a possible gift option, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Business people like desk clocks. Of course, it needs to be small enough to not take up much space, and it should have a style that will fit either the desk or a bookshelf, given spatial constraints the executive might face. Try to learn the style of dcor that is used in his or her home or worksite office so the clock will fit in. You also might try to find out if the person would prefer an LCD display, and Roman or Arabic numerals. If he or she is nearsighted, large numbers might be appreciated, too.
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