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Mechanical clocks and quartz clock movement contrast difference
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Movement is the soul of a clock, Old machines which can be used to date depends on the combination of mysterious gears and levers. Generally Clocks and watches machine core is assembled by hand, even need to be with the help of modern instruments can't completely replace the arts and crafts. And because the addition of crafts mechanical clocks and watches are regarded as after creation of works of art, Compared with no human cost, quartz clocks can be large-scale industrial production is precious, but less than the quartz clock movement travel time accuracy.
A high performance/price ratio quartz clock movement
Quartz watch as the second hand is one jump, very accurate as well. Movement of the integrated circuit, the structure is relatively simple mechanical clock movement, Convenient for daily maintenance and repair. Quartz clock movement widely applicable people, The use is convenient to wear Don't have to on clockwork, A battery is generally available for 2-3 years. But some of the quartz watch with lithium batteries, long service life and available 7-8 years. And quartz clock movements relative price cheaper than mechanical movement. High performance/price ratio, and other quartz clock movement, is more consumers use clock movement.
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