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China's rural clock and clock parts
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On June 20, 2014, China light industry federation and China horological association officially awarded zhejiang linan city "the hometown of clocks and watches accessories, linan" title, This is following the Guangdong Province Shenzhen city won the "China clocks of all", Fujian province Zhangzhou city won the "China watch City", another for obtaining such honor city.
Previously, China light industry federation, China horological association of linan city title awarded to apply for a given attaches great importance to, Organization panel for examination and assessment of linan city related clock for enterprises to carry out the field trip, On the local watch parts processing precision, quality grade and standard made a deeper understanding, According to the characteristics of China light industry zone and industry cluster and measures for the administration of and the Chinese watch industry characteristic of industrial cluster and the measures for the administration of industry cluster and the further review, The results accord with the requirement of dub.
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