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Toy clock movement turned to aircraft propeller
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Until today in development of clocks and watches, can say is protean, clock movement in the ceramic industry, toy industry, iron industry, woodwork industry are using to get incisively and vividly.Especially in the toy industry put the toy bell of the clock movement change propeller aircraft, The design style of this toy movement features as applied to modeling the plane for aircraft engine, clock needle on reload formed the airplane propellers, very creative.

Take a look at this modeling plane engine which use toys clock movement! Yes, dongguan hengrong clock manufacturer production HR1688 toy clock movement, movement not only as precise, and use the environmentally friendly plastic material (ABS) with high quality, Its characteristic is not easy break, no smell, the strong advantages, such as pressure and passed CE, ROHS certification of qualified (reach the requirements of countries and regions of Europe and America). Aircraft engineering have chosen hengrong clock movement do engine, you still have what not to choose the reason?

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