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How to choose a saving of quartz clock movement
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torque, also has the alarm and alarm, also has the scanning (mute) and the quartz clock movement. So, how do we choose a saving of quartz clock movement. This small make up you to share with you the most commonly used to mute our movement and jumping seconds quartz clock movement, some friends said I jump seconds quartz clock movement section batteries can be used for a year, also some friends said I was with 4 to 5 months to change the battery. So, how is this going?

When buy quartz clock movement, look at the first movement plastic surface texture, and then there is the best you can open it to look at the inside parts of cassette mechanism of quartz clock, a province saved electricity quartz clock movement mainly is to look at the electronic coil enough lines and panels are less, if is big enough, then the quartz clock movement must save electricity. Like heng rong horological manufacturer production of quartz clock movement HR1688 mark is the use of big coil and the circuit board, it can be save electricity section battery use a year, quiet movement can also be used for 8 to 10 months. Clock movement should pay attention to distinguish electronic coil is mute stopwatch or jump seconds oh, quiet movement than jump seconds movement of electronic coil is larger.

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