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clocks parts rotating movement into a mobile phone shop to buy promotional tools
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Promotion tool for rotating movement watches accessories business manager
In the fierce competition in the market, watch parts rotating movement is how to become a mobile phone store promotion tools! We usually go to the life of mobile phone store or mall will see a mobile phone, watch sitting in the clock parts rotating movement shows the chair is rotated when, This is the enterprise managers to use tools and techniques to promote. Industry friends to stated, generally when the new phone, will put it on the clock and watch fittings rotation movement to do the rotation of the display rack display, there are some festivals make activities of sales promotion information printed AD is also attached to the rotating machine core advertising board up to attract the attention of consumers, creative effect is quite good.
Heng rong clock watches accessories rotary core category
Clocks and watches accessories rotation movement from the rotation function is divided into three categories, a rotate 360 °, 360 ° rotation and the rotation of the turret rotation movement back and forth, under the requirements of customers, the rotation of the rotating movement is divided into fast. Clocks and watches accessories rotation movement electricity than quartz clock movement too,
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