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Good quality quartz clock movement let customers to use don't forget
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Used does not forget the quartz clock movement
For a long time, heng rong clock quartz clock movement of arts and crafts products, by quality let all customer heng rong clock for trust, and trust. And the guangdong guangzhou craft factory is a wrought iron household, who were made a special trip to come to investigate HR1688S, wrought iron quartz clock movement. The customer said: once in the guest to provide sample used this kind of quartz clock movement, feel very good, so I personally to come to order! hengrong the quality of the clock to the service satisfied customers, not the kui is 16 years of professional manufacturer of clock and watch machine core, trust order, no worries!
Select material good work fine
heng rong clocks, HR1688 quartz clock movement fine workmanship, the production supervisor in place, detection equipment is complete natural quality is guaranteed, and quartz clock movement chosen are of high quality (ABS) plastic materials, Movement more internal gear components design, smooth texture abrasion resistance and lower noise etc, and using a second grade 32.768 KHz frequency vibration of the semiconductor device more accurate as well. In addition, start the motor coil super make quartz clock movement stable work and life for up to 6 to 8 years, section 1 on batteries can use 1 year, very province electricity. So it has been popular with the enterprise of quartz clock movement in 20 years.
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