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In 2015,sale of the first
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The quality is a good sales talk
For most buyers: the choice of quartz clock movement is varied. How to distinguish what kind of quartz clock movement has the best quality? Has a very important reference standard is the sales of quartz clock movement. As you all know, a good salesman relying on good eloquence, in the same way, good quartz clock movement relying on sales talk. HR1688 this quartz clock movement,sale of the first quartz clock movement in 2015, everybody can see the different places!
Sales of the first is not a legend
HR1688 quartz clock movement with the most high-quality ABS plastic materials environmental protection, beautiful shape, smooth texture, aging resistance is strong,all the materials is the first selection of high quality quartz clock movement. Quartz clock movement of electronic components in electronic coil used 2900 ~ 3100 number of turns all copper enameled wire enameled wire winding, working life higher than ordinary about 1 ~ 2 times, and used the vibration level of a second semiconductor, precision difference within one second per day.High-end atmosphere of adornment clocks,watches and high clock parts export requirements, both kinds of quartz clock movement is the buyers first choice.
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