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In 2020, one of the most popular quartz wall clock movement is recommended
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Hengrong authority to recommend one of the most popular quartz wall clock movement
Not all good products are popular, but popular is good product. You see: hengrong clocks and watches production this HR1688 quartz wall clock movement is precisely illustrates this point.Recommend the star products to customers is the most popular quartz wall clock movement today. From the design of the whole structure,the selection of material, the process of refinement, every link condensed heng rong people's belief. 
Different advantages to deliver
HR1688 became one of the most popular wall clock movement, there is a reason. Everyone to decrypt together with small make up! The machine adopts the new ABS plastic materials, meet the environmental requirements and has a good anti-aging function, a second machine core electronic components used in semiconductor vibration level pulse crystals, and error of plus or minus 1 SEC/day, selection of quality full of copper enameled wire winding motor wire, strong stability, compared to common quartz clock movement service life is 1 ~ 2 times longer. This is also the quartz wall clock movement become the most popular product.
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