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Development of hengrong clock technology co. LTD
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Hengrong clock company is located in dongguan, guangdong. In 1999, hengrong clock professional production clock parts, quartz clock movements, quartz clock head, clock hands and other products.
Clocks and watches accessories
In 2002, due to the large market demand for clock accessories, hengrong clock went deep into the research and development of finished wall clock accessories and produced all kinds of wall clock plastic back cover, metal clock frame and various creative personality wall clock stand.
Quartz clock inserts
In 2004, the quartz clock inserts is the most popular decorative product in handicrafts, gifts, decorations and other industries. Clocks and watches are highly representative in the hearts of Chinese people and are a kind of historical culture in China. Quartz clock inserts heng rong clocks in the watch industry is also a big manufacturers, heng rong clock now has more than 100 sizes forms of quartz clock, quartz alarm clock inserts, plastic quartz clock, metal quartz header, archaize quartz
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