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Shandong watches and accessories mute core users stay close to choose heng rong
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You should believe in hengrong quality and not be afraid of distance
Do you still feel that it is inconvenient and unreliable to buy the silent movement of hengrong clock accessories in dongguan, guangdong because of the distance? Don't worry, check the hengrong watch's website to see the real news cases that are updated every day, understand and communicate with hengrong customer service, and put your questions in your mind, let us hengrong watch customer service to answer all your confusion. You see, so many customers have bought the hengrong HR1688 mute movement, is what touched the thousands of miles away from the purchase of mute movement users?

Such a good mute movements, how can not introduce
It is also a kind of fate to meet each other thousands of miles away, so we will certainly introduce this HR1688 mute movement well, so that you can get to know it personally. This silent movement is made of high quality environmental protection ABS material. Its anti-aging ability has become the leading quality in the industry and its service life is over 10 years. The electronic coil is made of copper enameled wire, and the accurate one-second quartz crystal vibration is adopted to make the mute movement perfect in both quality and appearance!
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