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DIY quartz clock movements are newly released with precision, power saving and large torque
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Recommended DIY quartz clock movement
What kind of DIY quartz clock movement is used as the DIY clock for Heng Rong widely? The answer is: HR1688 large torque quartz clock movement! Because of its accuracy, power saving, torque and many other advantages in one, won many customers order for this. Don't you want your DIY clock products to add more selling points to improve a grade, become a model in home decoration? Then we should choose the honors watch and choose the classic HR1688 large torque quartz clock movement.
How to make the clock movement unique
Is there a good quartz clock movement that attracts more and more attention? Must have the following conditions: 1, the adoption of new ABS plastic materials, meet the environmental requirements and has a good anti-aging function, 2, movement of the use of a second level of semiconductor crystals, and error not more than plus or minus 1 SEC/day, 3, machine core electronic coil are big enough, to between 2900 ~ 3100 laps, and high quality full copper enameled wire enameled wire winding, 4. If a certain constant heng rong manufacturer production, such ability in overall quality assured!
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