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Analysis on the Operation Principle of Mechanical Watch and Quartz Watch
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2019-08-26 | 680 Views | Share:
Mechanical watch movement mainly is by the energy storage system, transmission system, control system and the benchmark system, etc. All each have each function module system, through the combination of complementary to each other to make the watch run smoothly and energy system is composed of articles on institutions and box, like a watch the power switch control system, and the benchmark system, as the name implies watches as precise circle is in the charge of it. Balance wheel and hair spring is made up of a mechanical watch benchmark system. Balance spring is a spiral of Archimedes form (table friends: "say people", "mosquito-repellent incense shape" -- grievance expression) of the metal filaments, through the energy release, balance spring will drive the balance wheel movement, back and forth through this regular oscillation frequency, the second hand "tick tick" operation. Whereas quartz rely on batteries for energy, quartz oscillator to the benchmark system and the integrated circuit as the main structure. Walking oscillator as a benchmark to produce 32768 hz signal per second. And mechanical balance wheel balance spring oscillation frequency is only 2.5 ~ 5 hz per second.
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