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Repair themselves can also keep the quartz clock movement
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Quartz clock movement broken doesn't work, we can fix it.Of course, not quartz clock movement there is broken can be repaired well, such as the inside of the machine core coil burned or semiconductor bad you can't repair, can only change new, but these are few bad, unless it is inferior quartz clock movement.Actually quartz clock movement can also be simple maintenance, quartz clock movement damage in different environments, because in commonly used machine core internal gear too dirty, machine core power interface rust poor contact, here we introduce how to remove the movement.

General without screws, quartz clock movement shell card together with each other, can use a screwdriver to shell when remove all card buckle gently pry.Pry open after then will shell gently picked up, be careful not to take internal gear, don't order.Then gear set aside, and remember the positive and negative direction of gears and their respective position.

After take out the top gear, will take it out on the right side of the circuit boards, watch machine core power legs have no rust and poor contact, and then use sand paper or paper will clean the power outlet.Wipe after to install good second hand and battery to see if it is normal.

If normal again after installation, if not normal to check the gear is installed, if no oil gear shaft position can add some sewing machine oil in small quantities.Must recognize the position of the gear and the positive and negative, if you're afraid to forget to take a photo as a reference, and must pay attention to the movement back cover when loading, must be perpendicular to the press lest hydraulic gear shaft, after the machine back cover, quartz clock movement to promote the tuning knob, so gear tooth matchup oh!

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