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Proposed to increase the plant to watch and quartz watch movements of the added value of winter
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Interview with Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association Deputy Secretary-General Yang Jingwen
        This year in April, the International Watch Fair in Basel, Switzerland, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association delegation led by Secretary-General Zhu Shunhua another large-scale exhibition in Beijing Watch Factory, Tianjin Seagull, Shenzhen Fiyta other eight mainland enterprises to participate in the exhibition clocks, new materials research and development and use of advanced technology demonstration, the system brand operations of the global clock makers and visitors to the Chinese Army with admiration. Chinese companies this year is the 13th time to participate in the Basel Fair, 60% of the annual output value, 57% of the brand, watches and accessories exports to international markets accounted for more than 45% - in China, not a single city with the Shenzhen watch manufacturing compete. Shenzhen Watch a collection of Fiyta, kings, according to wave, Sweda, the United States promise, King, Renault and many other well-known brands.
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