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Radio watch market is growing rapidly in Japan
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From August 23, held in Beijing, Japan's Citizen Watch Company Eco-Drive watch radio news conference was informed that, in recent years, Japanese watches and clocks radio market very rapidly, so far, the Japanese market accounted for sales of watches sold radio clocks and watches 39% of the amount, in which radio watches Citizen products accounted for sales in Japan RCC 33-35%. The Citizen's own radio sales in the Japanese market has been Zhangaigongsi table watch 50% of sales in Japan, becoming the company's main profit source of clocks and watches.

Citizen Watch Company Radio adhere to the development of high-end line, focus on the development of light metal shell kinetic energy of wave form. In the Japanese market, the company launched kinetic energy of titanium metal shell of light waves watch the highest price reached 17 million yen (about 11,000 yuan), and to overcome the metal shell shielded, micro-antenna and other technical problems in the world's first optical kinetic energy of metal shell wave female form, highlights the company's technology and products in the radio clock in the status of leader.

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