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Increasing demand for antique clocks
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Modern name watches can be profitable in the short term
The auction is a measure of brand investment in an important place for heat. In the clock auction records, Patek Philippe's position in the investment market share is almost non-shake. All the auction data show that the highest-ranked invariably Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin watch and love the best of their brands not only frequently beat the market, but also has multi-functional table and prices for almost all models maintained rapid upward trend.
In today's investment market is not difficult to see that the function of mechanical watches with complicated models of second-hand watches a great room for development. A lot of friends around him prefer to invest in second-hand watches, second-hand watch market prices were relatively new form of pricing a larger gap, the appreciation for investors with larger space and can be obtained in a relatively short period of time return on investment.
The key is to invest in their own judgments
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