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Increasing demand for antique clocks
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         Antique clocks will have to talk about the reference to "the Chinese market watches." In the 18-20 centuries, the Western companies began to watch specifically for the Chinese-made watches and clocks, these clocks will be known as the "Chinese market watches." At first, sales of the main target is China's emperors and their officials, these watches usually have rich decorative appearance as well as the sophisticated internal machinery. Overall, the performance of these tables can be delicate and exquisite Chinese people's character, so now is a very unique international collection categories.
In the Antiquorum auction house in June this year auction held in Hong Kong, a pair of mirror-phase pocket watch to 519.2 thousand Hong Kong dollars sold; Patek Philippe enamel clock "PieceUnique-PenduletteDomeLesChevaux" more than twice the valuation of the price of 377.6 thousand Hong Kong dollars sell; "EarlySummerBouquet" big eight pocket watch sold for 188.8 thousand Hong Kong dollars. From an international auction house auction data is easy to see, getting the highest price in almost all antique table. This shows that, previously customized for the Chinese market still has a pocket watch is now in high demand, and 100% can be sold.

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