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The crisis under the watch companies seeking industrial upgrading in Shenzhen
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The crisis under the watch companies seeking industrial upgrading in Shenzhen
         "Now, entrepreneurs have to face enormous pressure to survive, but also the future development trend is extremely uncertain. Fortunately, the watch industry, entrepreneurs are practiced 'internal strength', in seeking government assistance, it is also an active self-help . believe that these are prepared after the companies ride out the storm will usher in even greater development. "City Watch Industry Association Secretary-General Zhu Shunhua confident about the future. Yesterday, reporter learned from Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association was informed that the Association increased the intensity of services to enterprises, is trying to set up a guarantee fund to provide guarantees for the industry, corporate finance, to be launched after the Spring Festival.
    Little effect on the domestic market is subject to
    "Domestic market is still relatively normal, the economic crisis has not spread to this one, little affected by economic crisis." City Watch Industry Association the person in charge, to previous years, good times, many companies go all out faster, and now in Shenzhen watch corporate brand building continues to progress, but it has become cautious than before, more rational, and a decision made before, doing market research, risk analysis, more, more attention to cost and risk control. The face of crisis, many companies are giving some deeper thought, the deep thinking business development ideas.

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