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Understanding of clocks and watches
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Jiangbei District, Central Primary School Week Yanzhen
Teaching content: PEP awareness of the entire first book, when P. 91
Teaching Objectives:
1, enable students to understand the various parts of the surface clock, knowing the clock, minute, second hand and 12 digits.
2, so that students could learn with experience of life on the clock the whole time, and know the whole when the two kinds of representation.
3, the initial set-up time students the concept of childhood to cultivate respect the time and treasure the time, a reasonable schedule, a good habit.
Teaching with preparation: physical clock (Teacher demonstration with a student comes with each one)
Multimedia courseware, practice paper.
Teaching focus: Learning to look at the entire time on the clock
Difficulties in the Teaching: Preliminary perceived the relationship between the hour and minute hands, the concept of the initial set-up time.
1, Import
1, children, weekly class teacher for the first time here, not too familiar with the situation here, you tell me something about your school work and rest time? (Student Introduction)

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