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The clock is magnetized do you know how to demagnetization?
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The clock is a timing tool cannot do without in people's life, and the watch is even more closely with our hand in hand. When we work in life will inevitably come in contact with all sorts of goods or equipment, Then in the hands of the watch would also have contact magnetic equipment, After the watch with magnetic equipment, watches are likely to be magnetized,  walking caused clocks are not allowed to wait for a phenomenon. If the watch has this kind of situation, we should not blindly presume to clock without electricity or bad, In fact, we can start with a simple do a watch demagnetization try, no further step under repair is not late.
Although we buy many of them are magnetically wristwatch has certain anti magnetic effect, But contact with strong magnetic field such as generators and motors and other objects, Or accidentally put the timepiece in the vicinity of the radio and television, The watch will be generator, motor, radio and television magnetized. The watch was magnetized, not only travel time is not correct, and some even shut down. So, how to wristwatch the degaussing? It is better to send watch repair department to degaussing, because of the special equipment where degaussing, If away from the watch shop repair is not convenient if, We can find a middle circle shape, be from There is no  magnetic iron, vertical on the table, will watch from the iron wear to wear to go slowly in the circle, iron will Watch on the magnetic  be absorbed by ; Can also put the watch on a clean piece of be free from magnetic iron, so two days later the wristwatch magnetic will gradually disappear.
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