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Tag heuer watch group homemade machine core Calibre 80 suddenly announced to suspend production
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2020-02-18 | 1385 Views | Share:
announced to suspend production, This has to start from the 2014 Basel international jewelry and watch fair.In the last show, tag heuer launched a brand new homemade machine core Calibre 80, Brand hope that through this perfect polishing, First-class technology movement to increase the market awareness of tag heuer(With the movement watches to formulate price in Euro 6000-8000), Develop a larger market, In addition, TAG Heuer also intend to open the brand in the new Chevenez production plan by this movement.
Before long, the tag heuer suddenly announced the suspension of the production of Calibre 80, The official version is that all of the company's productivity in a very long period of time to focus on the production of Calibre 1887 movement, TAG Heuer said this kind of practice is to make the brand more can adapt to the current market demand. The truth is what we can make nothing of it, But Stephane Linder resign from office to just more than a year, Does this also from some aspect reflects there are some problems of the group of tag heuer?
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