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hengrong wall clock movement services shandong home decoration factory in a far way
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The constant service of the clock movement for long distance
The cold season has brought the end of 2015, allowing the enterprise manufacturers to enter the annual inventory time again. On the contrary, hengrong clock factory is ordering a batch of HR1688 wall clock movements for shandong home furnishing factory to work overtime, because hengrong promises the customer to deliver the goods before the New Year's day of 2016, we will try our best to achieve the customer's requirement. Hengrong watch -- the power of the brand let remote shandong customers choose us, let the cold season blowing warm wall clock movement order wind.

Pendulum clock movement
The best clock clock factory, hengrong clock very low - key

Hengrong clock, as a professional manufacturer of clock movements in guangdong, has nearly 130 types of clock movements. One of the most popular is the HR1688SI large torque wall clock movement. The copper square process is used on the minute shaft of this wall clock movement to make it stronger and more durable, while avoiding the possibility of friction with the long clock. This is the perfect home decoration wall clock, is also your choice!

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