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Quartz clock movement procurement tips
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Quartz clock movement procurement tips

Purchase quartz clock movement procurement consultant with you purchase tips, quartz clock movement on the market can say a one thousand samples have different price, if it is not or rarely purchase quartz clock movement friends really do not know how to start.A quality really don't know what movement is what price, 2 don't know if the other party is a real manufacturer wholesale, sometimes know movement quality how to distinguish good and bad.Really want to know, these are not difficult to only 2 steps to purchase quartz clock movement as a master.

quartz clock movement

Quartz clock movement material good and bad

Requirements before purchase quartz clock movement manufacturers provide free samples for reference material about machine core size and material, etc., watching the stopwatch look first when the appearance is smooth qualitative good workmanship fine seam not coarse, movement have CE and ROHS logo on the back.Better movement will be a little bit more heavy weight at about 25 g, came close to the movement of around 20 g in weight.

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