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Heng Rong quartz clock movement cooperating hands Shenzhen Products Factory Co create technology classics
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2018 heng rong ushered in a good start
The first day of work in 2018 is the beginning of ten thousand orders, which makes hengrong people extremely grateful and unlimited power. They are grateful to the old customers for their trust in hengrong, and also give us unlimited power for the r&d of quartz clock movement and the pursuit of quality as always. This time the old customer -- shenzhen craft products factory leader takes the newly developed handicraft to look for the hengrong matching quartz clock movement scheme to him, under the hengrong 19 years specialized quartz clock movement production and matching experience, we for its matching quality reliable, the cost is reasonable, and the modelling collocation is trendy, therefore lets the customer immediately order that day. Thanks to the excellent quality of the quartz clock movement, the handicraft factory again creates classics.
Only the good quality can win repeat customers
On the Internet, there are all kinds of low-priced clock accessories and low-priced quartz clock movements. However, behind all of this, is the inferior clock accessories and quartz clock movement pronoun. Good products are not only about price, but more important than quality, service and customer praise. Hengrong watch, as a 16-year focus on quality brand, as long as the label "hengrong clock", that means, quality and brand assurance.
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