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Quartz crystal products procurement quartz clock movement,hengrong clock home delivery
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Quartz clock movement is always on your side
To the modern person of 10 thousand machine of daily science and technology, the occurrence of network is to help everybody save heart, save trouble. Although there is a lot of information about quartz clock movement on the Internet, but the formal quartz clock movement manufacturers are few and far between. If you find many styles of quartz clock movements on the Internet, but not timing, may come to hengrong clock, and our customer service to communicate, listen to our professional advice. In order to buy the desirable quartz clock movement, crystal products factory decided to cooperate with hengrong clock.
Good quality without fear of comparison
Heng rong HR1688 quartz clock movement to adopt new ABS plastic materials, meet the environmental requirements and has good anti-aging function, machine core electronic components used in semiconductor vibration level of a second pulse crystals, the error in the plus or minus 1 second/day, the whole motor wire selection of quality copper enameled wire winding turns 3100 laps, strong stability, compared to common quartz clock movement 1 ~ 2 times longer life, its power saving effect is to let you surprise, a battery can be used for a year.
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